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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Foodpanda in India

Since not too long ago, appeared the possibility to order food online from the best restaurants just in a few clicks through Foodpanda, available for every person living in India. Intuitive and very easy to handle, fast and reliable, this company was created for all that people who, sometimes, are not up to cook and want food on the go, quick to order, and with a free and high quality delivery system that deliver the food hot and fast.

Nowadays, Foodpanda is present in 32 countries, and 14 cities in India, and they plan to open in a few more towns, to offer their service to even more people in our country from smaller and different cities than now. More than 3,000 restaurants in our country are waiting to prepare and give to you the best experience of ordering food online.
Food Panda

Downloading their App for Android or iOS, also through our website, everyone can order even on the street, for example, on the way back from work.

With diverse payment options, you could choose the one that is better for you. If you don’t have any cash at the moment, you may take the option of paying by credit card online, totally reliable system implemented in our website. A big number of restaurants also have a very modern option, which is PayPal, probably the most trustful system nowadays. But, obviously, the method of pay on delivery is always available for the ones who are not up to online payments and want to keep it on a traditional way.

Almost every cuisine of the world has a space in our website to place your order, from Punjabi to Chinese, from Latin American cuisines to Italian pizza and pasta. Choose between a huge variety of possibilities and enjoy the quality of the restaurants in our system. In Foodpanda, we are pretty sure that you will eat, enjoy and get fully satisfied by the food our restaurants offer.

The procedure is easy. Tell them your location, and then, every restaurant that deliver to your place will appear, after that, you just need to choose the restaurant you like the most and choose the dishes you want to try. When you choose your lunch or dinner, next step will be to choose the way of payment, and, wait a few minutes until the order arrives home. The last thing is to enjoy and taste the best food you can order online.

An interesting option of the website is the possibility to check reviews that other previous customers wrote, and also a starts rate. Thanks to this, you can read about the experience with Foodpanda and a restaurant, and feel confidence with the process, because if you read many positive reviews, you will realize that you are in a same atmosphere in the website and restaurant, and, in my opinion, this is a huge advantage.

A trustful website, to place food online orders, reliable and easy to choose a restaurant, classified by cuisines. Foodpanda focus on keep an intuitive website to make life easier to customers. Try them, and write your comments here about your experience!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gmail Alarm and Alert For New Email

Gmail Alarm and Alert For New Email

                             Gmail Alarm and Alert for New Email is an software, that notifies the user with a sound as an alarm or an notification, when a New mail arrives or Pops up in to their Inbox.

Gmail Alarm and Alert For New Email - SiasTech
Gmail Alarm and Alert For New Email
                                Gmail Alarm and Alert For New Email  is essentially an wanting software by many of the Gmail users, who wants to get notified with a buzzer or an sound tone to ensure that they have received a mail instead of check their Mails frequently to see if they have got any mail on their busy works. This software reduces your time of frequently checking for a new mail in on your inbox, instead it informs you with your own choice of sound notification that denoting a new mail in to your Inbox.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How To Password Protect USB Flash Drives (Lock Pen Drives)

How To Password Protect USB Flash Drives (Lock Pen Drives)

Flash drives have grown to be the storage medium of preference for most of them to load their data easily nowadays. With all the rising amounts of memory out there, folks are starting out to a retailer a lot of their info on purchasing pen drives. But also in these kinds of circumstances, information (data) security is a persistent issue. One could think hard just before carrying important or sensitive data on Portable Device from losing it. In the event the pen drive sheds or compromised, sensitive knowledge could fall inside the mistaken hands and our data get used in a wrong way. Well now, the Fear has to be shredded away, as there comes an approach to this as a password safety. You can simply password protect USB flash drives in order that only you or licensed consumers or Permissible Members of the group who has been granted can have accessibility to the information. 

USB security - SiasTech

There Are 2 types of defense, the one is as simple as password defense whereby data can't be seen without putting the authenticated password and then getting it encrypted, where the information is essentially encrypted and can be decrypted and accessed simply with the provided authenticated password. With the no cost, absolutely free Software tool's down below, choose the varieties of tool that would be used in your Data's protection.
Make your own pick from the List of tool's given below!

Free Software’s to Password Protect USB Flash Drives:

1.     TrueCrypt :

TrueCrypt - SiasTech

                  TrueCrypt is the most & entirely encryption software tool, which appliance its one of the beneficial part is that, it's totally free of cost and available open source. It provides exceptionally stable defense and protection to the drives by encrypting files, folders, and locating it by making your own pick on both removable media or on your computer. TrueCrypt possesses a fantastic aspect where by hidden and encrypted partitions can be produced and accessed differently based on passwords.

                   By way of example: you can create two partitions with an 8 GB pen drive of 4 GB every single termed as Partition A and Partition B. Now, you'll be able to encrypt it so that a person password unlocks and decrypts only partition A and the other password does exactly the same simply for partition B. TrueCrypt is the best choice if in case you're looking for the best encryption alternative not only to password secure USB Flash Drives but safeguard other information security .

     2.     USB Flash Security:

USB Flash Security - SiasTech

                               USB Flash Security is one of the simple and probably the best tool that is being listed, USB Flash Security enables you to opt for your USB Media and safeguard it with simply couple of clicks away. With the password a good trace could be talked about as a hint, so we do not forget the password which we entered. The options are essentially less, nevertheless it gets its task finished perfectly for which we chose and opt it. USB Flash drive is great software to password protect USB flash drives.

      3.     Encrypt Stick Free :

EncryptStick - SiasTech

                                 For the new, we now have Encrypt Stick which is also a Cost-free software tool. It is proud of its remarkable listing of features in it, however not every it is wholly not obtainable in the free version. However, if at all you are hunting for an absolutely free method to password safeguard small quantities of data, then this is the right software program to suit your needs. The features include as password protection, Vigorous storage vaults, and even Password expiry time for the password to get expired after a time. Its excellent attribute is that routinely reprotects documents for a certain time, if it is left idle.

     4.     USB Secure :

USB Secure - SiasTech

                         USB secure is an additional strategy to password shield flash drives and actually, any detachable media including memory cards, exterior devices and so on. Like Encrypt Stick Free of charge, it additionally comes up with more offers capabilities in a compensated total full version. Never less, USB secure is supporting to do most all advanced features in its demo version itself, so why buy a full version unless it is essentially compulsive for you to buy. Get started and try the the USB Secure.
        Download USB Secure

Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Most of us, knowing or unknowingly get in to a crucial situation where we end-up getting our USB drive or Memory Card Locked with an Write Protect making the Device Not accessible with out knowing HOW TO FORMAT A WRITE PROTECT USB DRIVE OR MEMORY CARD.  It always happens when there is a crucial need of the data or file that is located on the locked Device. with the problem we face , we find an solution to fix it up and with numerous tries we end-up with an Negative approach of ‘STILL’ a locked and a write protected USB drive/Memory card and with an lose in hope we tend to Lose the Data & we opt for buying another device.


Well now you need not lose your Pockets on buying a new device or worry on losing the data which has been struck on a write protected Device. We bring up to you Three –Solutions (Methods) on HOW TO FORMAT A WRITE PROTECT USB DRIVE OR MEMORY CARD. This has been tested and seems to be working fine.

Method 1:  

( By Fixing The Registry)

       Step 1: Press the Winkey + R (or just open the Run from Start menu). Then, Type regedit and hit the enter.
       Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies(If you do not find, StorageDevicePolicies Folder then Follow the Below Method, Else Skip the below method and Jump to the STEP 3).

Ø  Download the batch file add.bat from here, the open the file and so that the entry will be added to the Registry. (After adding close the regedit window and re-open the regedit window by folloing the STEP 1).

Step 3:  Now in  the right side pane double-click the key file named WriteProtect. And then set the Value Data to 0 (zero) and press OK.
Step 4: Now exit the Registry editor (regedit) and restart your windows. Hope fully the Device will be unblocked from write protect and will be made to use.

Method 2:  

(Lower Level Format Method)

Step 2: Using the Tool, Select the Target Write protected drive and try the Low level format several times(if fails to format).
Step 3: Once the format is successful, open RUN and type diskmgmt.msc, and hit Enter.
Step 4: Now select the USB\MemoryCard Drive , Right-click and press Format. And you are done.

Method 3:  

(Apacer Formatting utility)

 Step 1: Download Apacer Formatting Utility by clicking here.
 Step 2: Unzip the files to a folder, and open the Start.bat file in that folder. After clicking it will proceed the formatting. Wait till the formatting completes (format it multiple times if the format fails)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rapidshare Auto Downloader

Rapidshare Auto Downloader

Rapidshare Auto Downloader at SiasTech
Rapidshare Downloader 

                                   Rapidshare is probably the Most Famour And best Online website for online storage & file hosting.Nowadays service given by Rapidshare has gain more popularity one of many active downloaders. But there's somewhat annoying thing on Rapidshare is, downloading larger file from rapidshare isn't likely for the reason that file is Divided directly into some part like a file & it is more annoying for that downloaders to click individual links and download each area of the file as a result.

                                   Rapidshare Auto downloader at SiasTech

                                          A Good News for the Users who're annoyed of Downloading the files each time by clicking on the link one by one , we have a solution of downloading multiple links from Rapidshare having fantastic software called Rapidshare Auto downloader.
                                        Rapidshare Auto downloader will helps you to automatically download multiple RapiShare links. What you all need to do is always to just do the installation on your computer.And you simply must add the Download Links. Rapidshare Auto downloader can download multiple links although not simultaneously. It downloads all links one at a time in your computers Prefered saved location.

Download Now :

Friday, July 13, 2012

Norton AntiVirus 2012

Norton AntiVirus 2012

Norton Antivirus 2012 at SiasTech

Symantec is the most significant maker of security computer software for computer systems in the world. It is often approximately given that 1982 and contains been loved ones reputation for a long time delivering antivirus defense for millions. Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2012 supplies security both for Windows Operating Systems as-well as and Macintosh .

Plus it makes sure it shields these os's from all of kinds of malware threats which include : Dangerous Viruses, Threat Worms, Trojans, Spywares, Keyloggers, Adwares , and much more.

 Norton AntiVirus 2012 at SiasTech

There are numerous technologies that have been incorporated into Norton AntiVirus 2012 as well as the key types are antivirus, anti-spyware, bot protection, Norton additionally updates, anti-rootkit, Network Mapping and Monitoring, Norton Popularity Support . That features combine to shield your computer in the latest viruses, spyware and also other malware threats. Plus they give fast potent on the net defense to defend you cyber attacks. Additionally, it enables you to chat, e-mail and share information on line with out stressing about infections.

Pro's And Con's in Norton AntiVirus 2012:

Pros :

1. Norton scores at the top of usability and protection of Microsoft windows based on AV-Test.
2. The interface lets you protect the most complex parts that you might n't need to utilize.
3. Norton is swift to setup and eat memory and CPU methods.
4. Norton AntiVirus has become cloud-based and you'll put in, transfer increase your software package everywhere you look online.

Cons :

1. The antiphishing characteristic in Norton AntiVirus is simple and you'll want to update to the internet protection deal for a far better version of the program.
2. Norton is still a challenge to uninstall and instead gives off files with your registry whenever you take it off.

 Overall Conclusion:  Norton AntiVirus is a good protection Software and we advised it for home and office use.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to avoid losing Internet From DNSChanger Malware

         How to avoid losing Internet From DNSChanger Malware
                        About a quarter-million computer users all over the world are at chance of losing Access to the internet by  Monday due to malicious DNSChanger malware thread. The FBI is on the move of  shutting down the domains which has found to be affected by the DNSChanger malware, that seem to be circulating over the internet considering the fact that dating back to 2007.
What is DNSchanger Malware? :

                           DNSChanger malware is a malicious malware threat. The DNSChanger malware manipulates the web and takes the individual user to phishing or other malicious sites. The DNS servers are operated by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and are included in the system’s network configuration. Which are controlled and are infected with the DNSChanger Malware.
                           Of the infected computers, some 20,000 are in India. India had the third largest number of affected computers after the United States of America and Italy which are at high risk. It is stated by the experts that India is at low Risk of losing the Internet Connection’s when compared to the other two countries. 

How to check if you are affected with DNSchanger Malware?
      1)     Visit this FBI-approved site - http://www.dns-ok.us
          2)     if you get an “all-clear green background” (as Below) , well luckly you are on the safer side.

DNSchanger Malware - SiasTech
Malware Free Pc

        3)     If you get a “Red Background” (as below), then you are among those whose PC is Infected with DNSchanger Malware.
DNSchanger Malware - SiasTech
Malware Affected Pc

What to do in case you’re Computer is infected?
               Well you don’t need to panic; there are simple ways to be safe and protected. Just follow the Simple Steps Below.

           1)   If you have a Red background, then visit http://www.dcwg.org/fix which lists free virus scanner and removal software. (As listed below)

Antivirus - SiasTech

           2)     Then download any of the virus scanner/removal software from the list and scan your Pc to stay protect and safe from the Malicious virus.

                    Do it Immediately before losing your Internet.