Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to avoid losing Internet From DNSChanger Malware

         How to avoid losing Internet From DNSChanger Malware
                        About a quarter-million computer users all over the world are at chance of losing Access to the internet by  Monday due to malicious DNSChanger malware thread. The FBI is on the move of  shutting down the domains which has found to be affected by the DNSChanger malware, that seem to be circulating over the internet considering the fact that dating back to 2007.
What is DNSchanger Malware? :

                           DNSChanger malware is a malicious malware threat. The DNSChanger malware manipulates the web and takes the individual user to phishing or other malicious sites. The DNS servers are operated by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and are included in the system’s network configuration. Which are controlled and are infected with the DNSChanger Malware.
                           Of the infected computers, some 20,000 are in India. India had the third largest number of affected computers after the United States of America and Italy which are at high risk. It is stated by the experts that India is at low Risk of losing the Internet Connection’s when compared to the other two countries. 

How to check if you are affected with DNSchanger Malware?
      1)     Visit this FBI-approved site -
          2)     if you get an “all-clear green background” (as Below) , well luckly you are on the safer side.

DNSchanger Malware - SiasTech
Malware Free Pc

        3)     If you get a “Red Background” (as below), then you are among those whose PC is Infected with DNSchanger Malware.
DNSchanger Malware - SiasTech
Malware Affected Pc

What to do in case you’re Computer is infected?
               Well you don’t need to panic; there are simple ways to be safe and protected. Just follow the Simple Steps Below.

           1)   If you have a Red background, then visit which lists free virus scanner and removal software. (As listed below)

Antivirus - SiasTech

           2)     Then download any of the virus scanner/removal software from the list and scan your Pc to stay protect and safe from the Malicious virus.

                    Do it Immediately before losing your Internet.


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